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Renting a website

SEO & WordPress Seminars in Perth

Learn how to perform your own website Search Engine Optimization and how to create a website using WordPress. SEO Training

Renting a website

SEO & WordPress Tutorials

I offer one-to-one consultancy. Please contact me for details. or phone me on 0487 815 493

Renting a website

WordPress Website Design

I can design a website for your new business, or redesign an existing website to bring it up to date and to make it Google friendly

SEO Services in Perth

David Murray – SEO Expert

Best SEO Company in Perth

SEO – It’s much easier than you think. No technical knowledge is required, and I have taught hundreds of local businesses, right here in Perth.

DIVI Theme Training

Learn how to use the WordPress DIVI theme

SEO Training Course in Perth

In this website marketing course I will show you how to optimize the content and structure of your website to gain the maximum online exposure within the search engines. Topics cover the basics through to more advanced topics. Modern copywriting techniques will also be covered by Perth SEO expert David Murray.

WordPress & DIVI Training

Courses in Perth

If you are not familiar with WordPress, it is a way of creating websites that is easy to learn and apply and will allow you to update the website yourself rather than having to pay an expensive web designer every time you want to make changes to the website or create new content.

YouTube Training 

Courses in Perth

Did you know that YouTube is the second most widely used search engine after Google and that Google also owns YouTube?
What many people do not realise is that videos on YouTube can be promoted in the same way that pages within a website can be promoted.

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Over 1.3 million people have watched my free training videos and over 70,000 people have taken my premium online training courses, in over 162 countries.
SEO Training 
WordPress DIVI Training
WordPress Training
YouTube Training
Google My Business

Digital Marketing – Experience Counts – SEO Training Perth

Expert advice here in Perth, WA

Over 1.3 million people have watched my free training videos and over 70,000 people have taken my premium online training courses, in over 162 countries.

Dangers of bad SEO

Promoting your site the wrong way can get your website banned from Google. If you are dissatisfied with your current SEO company then learn how to do it yourself. No technical or programming skills are required, and over the last few years I have taught hundreds of local businesses in Perth how to promote their own web-site.

Perth SEO Experience you can rely on …

Years SEO experience

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24 Years SEO Training Experience

Benefit from my 24 years experience of applying real-world SEO

Search Engine Optimization, WordPress & YouTube Seminars in Perth   I have 22 years experience working with SEO and creating business web-sites for local businesses   My name is David Murray and I run training courses in Perth, Western Australia.  I can show you how to take control of your own business web site and promote it within the Internet search engines such as Google using Search Engine Optimisation techniques that are approved of by Google. Promoting your site the wrong way can get your website banned from Google.  Even BMW got banned for a while, in Germany of all places!


SEO Training

Over 1.6 million people have watched my free training videos and over 76,000 people have taken my premium online training courses, in 172 countries.


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Recent free SEO basics seminar in Wanneroo


SEO Seminars in Perth, WA

I deliver regular SEO training seminars, here in Perth, Western Australia.  You do not need any technical or previous search engine optimization skills to benefit from these courses.  I start from the beginning and incorporate the knowledge I have acquired during the last 22 years.

I started applying SEO to websites in 1996 and in fact delivered my first Search Engine Optimisation training seminar, two years before Google was even founded.  Believe it or not, there were search engines before Google!

If you have your own website, then you will see how to optimize your website content to gain maximum visibility within the Google search engine results. While this course focuses mainly on websites designed using WordPress, you will still gain valuable knowledge, that you can apply to your website, even if it’s not based on WordPress. You can view a complete course outline, which as you can see is very extensive, however it is not as complicated as it might first seem.  Most of the concepts when applying SEO are actually very simple.

There are also many technical aspects involved, but the good news is that if you’re using WordPress, then applying these more technical features is often a simple matter of installing a WordPress plugin and configuring the plugin. As an example, Google recommends that you use something called GZIP and you might wonder what this is about. GZIP as I will explain is all about increasing the loading speed of your website which is an important SEO factor within Google. Within WordPress there are numerous plugins that will allow you to activate and configure GZIP.

This seminar will help you to start thinking like a search engine. Imagine you were a search engine, then what would you reward and what would you penalise. Once you start thinking like this, you’re halfway there.

This is a 2-day seminar and covers just about everything you will need to know.

WordPress Seminars in Perth, WA

I deliver regular SEO training seminars, here in

As you probably know WordPress is a software program that allows you to create beautiful looking websites, in next to no time. However, these days as well as looking beautiful, a website must be optimised to work on a mobile, tablet and desktop. It also must be optimized to load as fast as possible and these are the sort of subject topics that are included within this WordPress seminar.

Checkout the complete course outline to see exactly what is included.  By the end of the day you should be able to create a basic WordPress website for your business.

In addition to this basic WordPress course, I also offer consultancy on how to maximise the benefits of using a premium WordPress theme called DIVI.  When first installed out of the box, WordPress can look a bit clunky, and you need to combine WordPress with a good premium theme to get the best outcomes in terms of appearance, SEO and loading speeds.

I have been using WordPress since it was first released. In my opinion the best premium WordPress theme, by far is DIVI.  The website you’re looking at now was created using DIVI.

Online Tutorials

As well as training courses, seminars and workshops that I run here in Perth, I now also offer many of my courses online. You can buy a subscription to my online training courses which will last for one year and will include all updates and new courses delivered within the year.

My online training courses offer an extremely attractive, cost effective option, to learn about how to create, maintain and enhance the look of your website.

Please check out my online tutorials now.

WordPress Consultancy in Perth

Rather than attend one of my regular training courses, I can offer you one-to-one WordPress consultancy, that will allow you to concentrate on either creating or improving your own WordPress website.

Many clients who do not have a website, or maybe have an old website, that needs updating, have benefited from 2 days consultancy, during which we can create a brand-new website from scratch or vastly improve an existing website.

Some clients have opted for 2 days’ worth of consultancy to convert an existing website to a WordPress website and then also apply a raft of SEO techniques to help get the website found within the Google search results.

DIVI Consultancy in Perth

If you have a WordPress website, you should seriously consider using a premium WordPress theme called DIVI.

This theme will allow you to create beautiful looking websites with minimal effort.

DIVI is also very good at allowing you to optimize your website for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

YouTube Consultancy in Perth, WA

Every small business should consider setting up their own YouTube channel. Most small businesses don’t do this because they think it is either too hard, too time consuming or too expensive. Wrong!

The reality is at these days producing your own videos is actually very easy. You do not need to employ an expensive film production company. You may wish to invest in expensive equipment including professional video cameras, microphones and lighting, however why not start off producing simple videos using your mobile phone?

One client of mine uses videos as a very effective way of enhancing their testimonials page.

Website Design in Perth, WA

I deliver regular SEO training seminars, here in

I can help you design a new website from scratch, or redesign an existing website to bring it up to date using all the latest techniques.  Your website will also have search engine optimization built into it from the ground up. These days a website must load fast, look good on all devices and be optimised for the best results within the search engines.

Because WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) you will be able to update and maintain your website once the initial website design is completed.

Website Redesign in Perth, WA

Is your website looking a bit dated?  How well does it display on a mobile phone? Is the website very slow to load? These are the sort of issues that can be addressed by a total redesign of your website using WordPress and DIVI.

Converting to WordPress | Perth, Western Australia

I have lost count of the number of clients who have approached me for advice about their website and after weighing up the pros and cons have decided to convert their existing website to one based on WordPress.

Unfortunately there is no magic software that will, for instance, convert a website based on say, WIX to WordPress, so the conversion will have to be done manually which is time consuming, but once this is done you will be able to take advantage of the enormous flexibility offered by having your website built using WordPress

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