Other Digital Marketing Services in Perth, WA

As well as my SEO course I offer a rage of other one-to-one consultancy services.

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Google My Business Consultancy

This is vitally important if you are interest in local business sin a particular geographical region. Often it is easy to get displayed in the local Google search engine results, even if your normal website listing is nowhere near the tops of the search results. Rather than set courses, I offer a one-to-one consultancy service.

WordPress DIVI Theme Consultancy

DIVI from Elegant Themes is the number one WordPress theme and is easy to use, yet powerful. It integrates well with SEO related WordPress plugins, and I would highly recommend that you consider either create a website using DIVI or migrating an existing WordPress website to DIVI. Rather than set courses, I offer a one-to-one DIVI consultancy service.

Website Audit Service in Perth

If you have used an SEO company for some time, I can sit down with you and explain that factors are important for successful SEO and investigate whether or not your SEO investment has been effective. I offer a one-to-one website auditing consultancy service.

YouTube Marketing Consultancy

An effective YouTube presence is vital as part of your overall SEO strategy. Google owns YouTube and the better your YouTube channel works, the better your website will show up in the Google search results. Most companies who create video content for YouTube pay little or no attention to actually promoting they YouTube presence. A little effort in YouTube can go a long way. I offer a one-to-one YouTube consultancy service.

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