What is Google My Business?

I can create and optimise your ‘My Business’ page to help you dominate in local Google searches.

If you are not sure what Google My Business is all about, then look at the example below. This is what people see when they search Google using the phrase ‘SEO Training Perth’. Once it is setup, it will not cost anything to show up like this in local Google searches, day-after-day, and week-after -week!

Google My Business Setup Perth

My all-inclusive Google My Business package for Perth businesses includes:

  • Preforming competitor research so that you show up better in local Google searches.
  • Making sure that your ‘My Business’ page is awarded a 100% completion rating, which really makes a difference to its SEO.
  • Optimizing your pictures for maximum SEO benefit.
  • Making sure relevant pictures are uploaded.
  • Making sure that your business address is listed correctly in Google Maps
  • Making sure that your My Business Page links to your website
  • Making sure that your opening hours are correctly displayed.
  • Integrating your business name, address and phone number.

As you can see, provided that this feature is setup correctly, it can bring enormous local exposure to your business. Most local business, ether do use this facility form Google, or if they do, it is not well optimised, which is why so may businesses, fail to show up well within local searches.

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