How do I test my website loading speed?

As you probably know there are about 200 factors that affect your websites Search Engine Optimization or SEO and one very important factor is the loading speed of your website.

The best way to test the loading speed of your website is to use the official Google PageSpeed  Insights tool. You can see the results for my SEO training website below and you should check the loading speed for your own website.

Your screen will look like this.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Enter the URL of your website and then click on the Analyse button.  You will then see the following.

Google PageSpeed Insights Mobile result

If you look at the top left of the screen you will see two tabs, one for Mobile and one for Desktop.  Normally the Mobile tab is displayed by default , as illustrated.  In this case my website scored 64 out of 100 for mobile devices.

It is important to realise that Google may penalise slow loading websites that score 49 or less.   In this case the mobile score is 64, which is in the middle orange section, NOT in the red section.

If you now click on the Desktop tab, you can see your score for Desktop devices.  As you can see my website scores, 96 out of 100.

Google PageSpeed Insights Desktop result

To check your web site, within Google search using the phrase Google PageSpeed Insights, or you can click on the link below to display the page.


If either score in in the red, i.e. 49 or below this can adversely affect the way your website shows up in the Google search results and you need to get this fixed.

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