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Does your web designer know anything about SEO? – Find out with this free SEO Audit

Try this free SEO Audit and find out!  Your website may look nice but what does Google think of it?  Type in your details below and see how well you score for Search Engine Optimization.

Then for comparison type in the details for my website – I normally score above 90%:

Keyword: SEO Training

Enough said?  Your website needs fixing and I will show you how to fix it.  Sign up for up my SEO seminars in Perth, Western Australia, or sign up for my online SEO and WordPress courses.

For a decent presence within the Google search results  you should be looking for a score above  85%

When I search for the phrase ‘SEO Training Perth‘ I normally show up first and second within the Google search results.

SEO Training Perth, WA

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Once your SEO audit is complete, you will receive an email with a very special discount offer for my SEO online tutorials.

If your SEO audit score is low, you may want to improve your website using my tutorials.

You do not need technical or programming knowledge to do your own Search Engine Optimization.

Anyone can do it.

These tutorials contain my 22 years of SEO experience.

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