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You know that there is a problem with your website, otherwise you would not be reading this. Call me today on 0487 815 493 to see how we can work together to resolve the issues that are holding your website back. Remember that if your competitors are showing up better than you in the search engine results, you are losing out to your competitors, every single day. Now is the time to act.

SEO Perth Prices

Some Search Engine Optimization companies in Perth will charge you thousands of dollars a month, every month! Think of the money you will save when you learn how to do SEO it yourself. Most of the techniques I show you involve little or no technical knowledge. Instead of paying high fees, month after month, come on the courses and apply the knowledge that I have acquired over 20 years in the website promotion sector.

SEO Company Perth

Are you looking for a Perth SEO company that gets results? Well try searching using the phrase ‘SEO Training Perth” and look how well my website site ( shows up. I will teach you the same simple techniques that I use on my own website. Unlike other companies I won’t make unrealistic promises of instant results. Good website optimization takes time and you should be thinking of seeing results within months, not days!

SEO Consultant Perth

Rather than attend one of my regular training courses, I am happy to arrange a day’s SEO consultancy just for you, focusing on exactly what your website needs to get found better in the Google results.

SEO Services Perth

As well at the training courses that I run here in Perth, I can also create a new website for you, or update and improve an existing website. You can also perform a free website audit on your web site to see how well is it currently promoted within Google and other search engines. In many cases people who have been using rival services are very disappointed when they see how badly their site is optimised.

SEO Expert Perth

I started applying Search Engine Optimization techniques over 20 years ago and believe that I am the most experienced SEO expert in Perth. I first started in the UK, in 1996, at which time Google do not even exist! I run many companies and they all show up in the top search engine results, on the first page of Google. Again, it is hilariously how many so-called SEO experts seem utterly hopeless even when optimising their own website. The funniest thing has to be an SEO company using ‘pay-per-click’ advertising to try and promote their business. I never use Google advertising; all my websites show up well because of good old-fashioned ‘Organic SEO’ techniques.

Call me today on 0487 815 493 and we can work together to help market your website.

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