How well do you know your SEO?

Take this short SEO quiz and find out.

1. Your web page TITLE is exactly what will be displayed in the Google search engine results.  True or false?



2. The website page loading speed is a factor in SEO as far as Google is concerned. True or false?



3. Google now prefers ‘secure sites’ that start with https, rather than http. True or false?



4. As far is Google is concerned the more text on a webpage the better.  True or false?



5. It is a good idea to register lots of similar domain names and then point all of them to your actual website.  True or false?



6. A good trick for SEO is to include a list of all relevant keywords at the bottom of your website pages and then hide the list by making the text colour of the list the same colour as the page background. True or false?



7. Reciprocal links with other, non-competing websites are great for increasing your websites visibility in the Google search engine results.  True or false?



8. All links to your website from other websites will help you with your SEO.  True or false?



9. Marking text as headers within your website pages can help with your SEO. True or false?



10. Google prefers websites that are optimised for mobile phones (cell phones).  True or false?



11. A good SEO company should be able to guarantee that your website appears at the top of the Google organic search results. True or false?



12. For the best results every page on your website should have exactly the same web page title ? True or false?



13. Buying in links to your website will increase the number of links to your site and will help with your SEO.  True or false?



14. Once you have a website, you can create lots more websites and simply copy the content of the original website to all the other sites, and this will greatly increase your visibility to Google, and is a really good SEO tip.  True or false?



15. The web page ‘Keyword Meta Tags’ are vital for good SEO and will help your website show up better in the Google search engine results.  True or false?



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SEO Quiz

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